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Teleporting Half Dollar

Teleporting Half Dollar

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This is one of the best classic pocket coin magic trick. you can carry it anywhere in your pocket, and it always ready to use.

Use in multiple ways, Get fits in any regular coin to make coin appear inside box.

You bring out a small rectangular wooden block from your pocket and open it to show a half dollar in it. You remove the Half Dollar coin from the wooden block and visibly place the coin in your pocket. You then close the wooden block and apply your magic on it. When the wooden block is opened the Half Dollar re-appears in the block. You can then make the Half Dollar disappear from this block and make it re-appear in your pocket. Very easy to do and involves no sleight of hand .

NOTE : This Little Wooden Box Suitable for Us Half Dollar or Similar size Coins, For India 2 Rupee Coin get fits inside box.

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