Terms of service

We at Miles Retail, always works to find every unique and innovative product in the world to give our clients maximum number of options with best range. We work incredibly hard to ensure you are always extremely happy with your purchase. We've worked hard to keep the site simple and clean, we want to make it quick and easy to find what you want on site, checkout with ease and have no worries about security (for that reason all our chosen payment methods enable us to process orders without ever seeing your card details).

We've built what we consider to be a strong reputation as a trusted online playing card retailer, we keep it simple and aim for quick dispatch and great, personal customer service.

About us:
Founded in 2013, Miles Retail has been an integral part of the internet community with a rich history and an exciting future. Miles Retail has gained the reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction all across the India.We are Just few years old, and growing fast with huge support of our own customer references and highly active in social networking (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).we always aim to provide an excellent, personal service. we feature a line of quality merchandise at discount prices.

When you’re trying to decide who can do the best for you at the right price, there are several factors to consider. At Miles Retail, we proudly model our organization in a manner that is professional, fast, and easy.

Quality Products:
Exclusive Store in India with the range of brand products like MilesMagic, Bicycle, Bee, Tally-Ho, Theory11, Ellusionist, Virtuoso, David Blaine, Fontaine, Dan & Dave, Yigal Mesika, Shin Lim, Cardistry Touch, NOC, Magic Makers Inc., The Blue Crown, Kings Wild Project etc.

Affordable Pricing:
Competitive pricing compared to peers in India.

Fast Shipping:
Across in India with Cheapest Cash on Delivery option in the playing cards category.

We cover wide range of retailers and wholesalers in India through our own website www.milesretail.com
Also very active online seller on e-commerce site like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay., Walmart.

We've built what we consider to be a strong reputation as a trusted online playing card retailer. We have been successful in our attempts to either obtain or make high quality merchandise at the lowest prices possible. We do this by contacting the manufacture directly or having it made ourselves to achieve those goals.