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Slush Powder

Slush Powder

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Slush Powder is a miracle powder for the millennium & lets you do the impossible!. Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles. For years, Slush Powder has been an overlooked accessory in the world of magic.

A small amount of this in a glass will turn several ounces of liquid into a solid mass of gel.

Can be used in effects such as: Water to Silk; Vanishing Liquid; Three Cup Monte; Liquid to Rope and more.
You are supplied with enough for a dozen performances.

Not only a great Magic item for the vanish of liquids but a great joke item for the bar performer.

Slush Powder can also be used for Following Effects -
- Visibly morph a glass full of milk into a handkerchief!
- Vanish a bowl full of water!
- Change a glass of water into a snowstorm of confetti!
- Vanish a shot glass full of liquid from your bare hands!
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