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Silk Through Candle

Silk Through Candle

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One of the best candle magic trick …

Burn a lit candle thru a silk scarf and then immediately restore the switch!

You light a candle. Then you bring out a silk scarf which you drape over the candle. You then take the candle and pass the flame right thru the silk scarf! You now continue to pull the silk scarf back & forth, while the flame continues to penetrate the scarf & is completely visible burning above the scarf!

Finally, the silk scarf is pulled completely free from the burning candle & is not even burnt! The scarf is completely undamaged.

We supply the metal candle, silk scarf, and Instruction sheet. Silk color can be vary. You can use any other larger silk or one of your favorite color.

NOTE – FIRE TRICKS Suitable ONLY to ADULTS age 18 or older.

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