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Mysterious Jack

Mysterious Jack

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A new and novel packet Card effect.

The Magician shows three cards, two of which are Ten of Clubs and Ten of spades and the third is the Jack of Hearts.
Magician causes the Jack of Hearts to turn face up and face down magically under the simple action of counting the cards from one hand to the other.

Then he reveals the secret. He shows that he actually uses four cards and reveals the fourth card.

But, the climax comes when the magician mysteriously vanishes the Jack of Hearts and also makes the Ten of Spades and Ten of Clubs turn into Ten of Hearts and Ten of Diamonds. Ultimately all the four cards turn into the four Tens leaving the audience bewildered.

We supply all the special cards required to perform this effect, along with a 4 page printed Photo illustrated instruction with 28 photographs, that takes you through every step of the performance, making this very easy to learn.

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