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Locked In Love Cards

Locked In Love Cards

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Four cards (two red and two black) are displayed riveted together in a fan, alternating red, black, red, black. The performer pivots two of the cards around, and now they are seen to have re-arranged, with the red cards together and the black cards together. This can be repeated.

In this modified version, the same thing happens. We have modified it for use with a pair of Kings and Queens, for a more effective presentation as suggested by the title. However, you display the transposition only once, then hand over the cards to the spectator. And the spectator can try for as long as he wishes, but the cards cannot be transposed. You can of course immediately re-set the apparatus for a repeat performance.

We feel this makes for a far stronger effect. Transposing two cards in a fan fixed by a solid metal rivet is an incredible phenomenon. When you hand over the cards at the conclusion of the effect, and have the spectator attempt the effect without success, it enhances the original illusion. This cannot be done with the original Spectacle.

We supply you the fan of four cards ready to work. A trick you will carry in your pocket, and use over and over - anytime someone asks you to show them a trick !

One of the finest effects with cards to come along in many years. Comes with Instruction's sheet and cards ready for magic.

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