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Jardine Ellis Ring with Book

Jardine Ellis Ring with Book

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The Jardine Ellis ring is a classic prop, where a large “curtain ring” penetrates through a ribbon, pencil, and performs others diverse antics.

After having a spectator examine a heavy metal ring the magician has the spectator hold the ends of a stick or a wand.

The magician then causes the solid ring to penetrate the wand so that it is left spinning tight in the center. Everything may be examined at once. The next routine has a spectator holding a rope with the ring on it. This time the magician causes the ring to penetrate the rope and come off.

These are just two of the many effects that may be done with this wonderful ring.

This model is made from plated brass and comes with a photo-illustrated booklet of routines you can perform with this.

This is an excellent pocket trick! Great close-up magic, to carry in your pocket, and use any time, any where.
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