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Instant Break Away Wand

Instant Break Away Wand

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MilesMagic Break Away wand - 30cm

Lightning out the magic wand to - 30 cm long
Hands into the air quickly become a 30 cm-long wand!
Appear out of thin air from your hands! Looks like a solid magic wand, even close to the look, too.

Great comedy prop! When you hold the wand, it looks normal, but hand it to a spectator, and it droops! When you take it back, it's straight and normal again! Fabulous comedy potential, and kids really love it!

Use this with the Breakaway Fan for a more lengthy comedy routine. Also, you could add the Cut No Cut Scissors (a similar effect), as part of a rope routine. The running gag involving a prop that doesn't work in your spectator's hands is very funny.

Comes with complete instruction sheet.

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