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Iced Water Magic Trick - Glass Gimmick

Iced Water Magic Trick - Glass Gimmick

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This is an offbeat version of the classic Hydrostatic Glass effect, where a container full of liquid is inverted, with the liquid remaining suspended in the inverted container, defying the laws of gravity.

In this presentation you demonstrate a ‘reason’ for the effect, demonstrating that the liquid has magically transformed to a solid !

Performer displays a clear conical glass, showing it clearly empty, and fills it with liquid.
He places a piece of paper or board over the glass, then inverts it, and the paper stays over the mouth of the glass, with the liquid suspended in the inverted glass. The performer states this is a simple science experiment which anyone can replicate, working on air pressure.

The performer now slides away the paper or board from the mouth of the inverted glass, and the liquid remains suspended, apparently defying the laws of gravity.
The performer now states he will explain how this happens. In fact he has frozen the liquid into a solid. He places the board or paper over the mouth of the glass, gives it a slight tap, and lifts away the glass to display the liquid, now frozen into a solid conical block resting on the paper or board.

Finally the glass is replaced over the frozen liquid, and turned upright. The paper or board is moved off the mouth of the glass, and with a snap of the fingers the solid blob is turned to liquid once again. This is poured out, and the glass displayed clearly empty.

We supply you the clear conical glass, which is “rigged” to make the effect possible. Besides the special glass supplied you will need a piece of thick paper or board and any liquid you choose to use.

You can use clear water for the effect, but a colored liquid would be much more visible. Easy to do.

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