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Fire & Ice Chips

Fire & Ice Chips

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Magician displays six Poker Chips, three of which are Red on both sides, and three of which are Silver on both sides. The Chips are mixed Red and Silver in each hand, but magically separate, so that all the Red Chips come together, and all the Silver Chips come together.

This is repeated a number of times, first using all six Chips, and then four Chips, to make the magic easier to follow. Finally you offer ‘an explanation’ of how the magic happens, – the Red Chips have the magical property of apparently penetrating the hand. A Red and Silver Chip is placed on top of the hand, and rubbed, and the Red Chip magically penetrates right through the hand.

Properly presented the routine is excellent, and well received by any type of audience. Supplied with all the required props, and detailed instructions, making this easy to do.

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