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Coloring Book Gimmick - Medium Size

Coloring Book Gimmick - Medium Size

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The easiest way to get LOTS of laughter and applause!

The effect: You flip through the coloring book, showing normal coloring book type pages, outlined pictures in black and white, with a magic theme.
The next time you flip- all the pictures are brightly colored!
The third flip makes all the pages blank!
Finally, flip through again and the pages are normal again.

- Best of all, this trick can be repeated immediately- there is nothing to reset or fuss with.
- No skill required- it's all in the gimmicked book!
- If you can flip the pages of a book, you can do the trick!

Make your routine bigger: Use the Magic Palette or the Vanishing Crayons or the Fantastik Wand (all sold separately below) with your Coloring Book.
Each of these other tricks will let you "take" the colors from the prop to "toss" into your book.
The Coloring Book is a really wonderful effect- get the most out of it!

Performance Ideas: Very effective if you also use the Drawer Box to make several crayons disappear first, then flip the pages of the book to show that the colors of the crayons have magically transported themselves onto the pages.
You could also use the Color Changing Wand to "transfer" color from the wand to the book, and back again.
You could also use the Fantastik Wand. Show the book with black-outlined pictures, and wave the multicolored wand over the book. The wand changes to a black magician's wand, and the pages are now colored!
Or you could use the Vanishing Crayons- make the crayons disappear and make the colors appear on the pages of the coloring book.

History and Trivia: This is an old trick! The Magic Coloring Book trick was described in Reginald Scot's classic book on magic, The Discoverie of Witchcraft, written in 1584. That was the first book to reveal magicians' secrets.
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