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Chinese Linking Rings (Set of 4)

Chinese Linking Rings (Set of 4)

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The LINKING RINGS or CHINESE RINGS is one of the finest effects of Magic. Several magicians have made their reputation with this classic trick. The basic effect is that a number of solid Metal Rings which have been examined by the audience magically link and unlink at the magician's' command.

The Rings are linked into Chains and designs comprising of from two to four Rings. The effect is capable of infinite variations, and the routine can be as short or long as you like. It can be performed silently to music, or with a pattern presentation, with or without the help of assistants from the audience, as your fancy dictates. There are dozens of presentations for this effect, varying from routines using just three or four Rings to routines using all four Rings. Many routines can be found in almost all standard text books of Magic.

The secret is very simple, but the possibilities are unlimited, and any magician who wishes to present this item must go through some of a the abundant literature available for this trick.

1.100% Brand new and high quality.
2.These 4pcs linking rings are well designed for magic trick.
3.It has gap to link or unlink other rings.
4.Playing with these four connected rings expertly and quickly to make your audience believe that your have superpower.
5.Easy to play and to bring you lot of fun.
6.Great accessory for your magic tools
7.Color: Silver
8.Material: Iron
9.Ring diameter: Approx. 4.93 inch/12 cm

Package Included:
4 x Magic ring

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