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Bicycle Styx Playing Cards

Bicycle Styx Playing Cards

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Inspired by the Greek river Styx and the Styx Dead Head Hawk Moth, comes the Bicycle Styx Playing Cards.

Conceived by Eric Ross, and custom designed by Nick Vlow --they have captured the tenuous balance between this world and the underworld.

Beautiful in its symbolism, because the designs on the thorax of the moth look curiously like skulls. These moths have been used by artists and filmmakers such as "Silence of the Lambs" to symbolize the patterns of the dead, and the idea of rebirth and transformation that the killer is trying to go through to become a beautiful creature.

Let your magic transform in the same way by using these cards.

The moth is also known as going blindly towards the light...some would interpret this as having unshakable faith and determination--the kind you need to be a great magician.

Capture this spirit.

This deck is truly a beautiful dazzling example of symbolism and art, brought to you with the utmost care and quality.

- Concept and Production from visionary magician, Eric Ross
- Illustrated by the great Nick Vlow
- Manufactured by USPCC
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