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Wooden Rubber Band Gun - Top Brown Base Biege

Wooden Rubber Band Gun - Top Brown Base Biege

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The Wooden Rubber Band Gun Toy by Kraftsman is made up of high quality engineered wood and 100% eco-friendly toy for children, Kids and adults of all age groups. The product is made of high quality pine wood by highly experienced woodworkers and purely handcrafted.

A small box is included to safeguard the rubber bands and it will not fall into your bag or purse while carrying the product with you. There are 4 wooden targets are also provided for shooting practice where ever you want. A small stand is also in the box to put in mourning to enhance the beauty of your corner piece.

This Wooden Rubber Band Gun Pistol Model can fit perfectly on your hands give you a grip you need to bullseye. Challenge your friends and Family member anytime with this great toy to bullseye. The best party game/traveling toy of all times. 

- Eco-Friendly material - Wooden Toys
- Ergonomic for all ages
- Semi automatic
- Safe and Durable
- High quality
- Easy to load
- Safe if used proper way
- Great cocking mechanism
- Perfect gift for kids, as well as grown men!
- Good reason to take your kids away from gudgets
- Wow effect for everybody using it!


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