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Wooden Memory Chess Game

Wooden Memory Chess Game

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Wooden Memory Chess Game for Kids | Color Memory Chess Game | Educational Toy | Brain Training Board Game

The memory Chess game is made from high-quality engineered pine wood, and there is no use of plastic and artificial substances that are harmful to your health. Memory Challenge is not only a game, but also helps to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, exercise observation ability, cultivate memory, develop thinking ability, improve concentration. In the course of the game, the ability to remember and to distinguish colors is the key to winning this game.

Wooden Memory Chess Game Components:
The game consists of 24 pawns and dice. All you need to do is just place them on the color side of the game and throw the dice and look for the matched color according to the number of your dice. So simple, to play and the game is having several benefits and advantages to the physical and brain health. The game will help to remember the numbers and memorize the colors with their names. It will help them in the future and for educational purposes as well.

How to play Wooden Memory Chess Game:
Just place all 24 pawns’ color side down on the board. Then roll the dice to find out the matched color pawn from the board or maybe the number of your dice. Remember your last move to collect the maximum number of matched pawns and win the game.

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