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Wonder Bubbles Gimmick

Wonder Bubbles Gimmick

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MilesMagic Magician’s Wonder Bubbles Gimmick | Visually Turn Soap Bubble Into Solid Glass Ball Illusion | for Real Close Up Street or Stage Magic Trick

One of the cutest tricks EVER! Wonder Bubbles requires NO sleight-of-hand and is absolutely IDEAL for all ages. For the kiddies, it's creates a sense of wonder. For adults....they wonder how you did it!

The magician picks up a plastic bottle of bubble solution and begins to blow bubbles into the air. He then begins to pop the bubbles one at a time. Suddenly, he reaches out and grabs a bubble. It has become completely solid!

You may use the solid bubble for any routine you wish, or simply vanish it and go on to your next trick.

Comes complete with bubble solution, gimmicked bubble container (which makes the appearance of the solid bubble almost automatic!), solid acrylic "bubble" plus complete instructions.

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