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Wheel of Mind - Mini Pocket Size

Wheel of Mind - Mini Pocket Size

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This is a pocket edition of the wheel of mind magic trick.

This is also used as a color-forcing tool, The innocent-looking, wheel-of-fortune-like wheel enables an easy force of any information in a visual yet easy manner.

Very easy to do, if you can count Numbers you can do this trick, Suitable to any age performer.

The Basic effect is you show a wheel picture from the front and back, on one side it has colors and other side numbers. he also displays a small black prediction envelope and keeps it on the table in full view ( you can also hand it to someone to keep safe )
Now the magician keeps the number side on the front & asks any spectator to select a number randomly.

After he selects say Number 6, Now magician turns the wheel and counts 6 places away from his selection, and whatever color comes that will be the spectators' selection.

After this magician asks to open a prediction envelope, amazingly it is the same color card which is just now selected by the spectator.

The advantage of The Wheel Of Mind being a prop is that the performer can use it for various routines - so easy to do - so very effective!

Comes ready to work with the instruction sheet. This is a mini-pocket version. Wheel size 2 in x 2 inch

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