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Water and Paper Bag Gimmick

Water and Paper Bag Gimmick

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A classic masterpiece, “Newspaper and Water”, has been loved and performed by magicians all over the world. We Have improved the classic to be more Mysterious & More Fun!

The magician introduces a paper bag, he shows the inside of the paper bag and the spectators found nothing there…

Now magician pours water into the paper bag and snaps his fingers.
In the next moment, he puts the paper bag on his head .. Wait… Why doesn't water spill out of the bag?? Did he drink up all water while he sticks his head in the paper bag??

The magician finally removes the paper bag from his head.

Now What? He makes a magical gesture toward the paper bag...

OMG… He pours the water out from the bag into the glass! That's crazy...

He opens up the paper bag once again and shows the spectators to prove that the paper bag is completely empty!

Comes with Paper Bag and Online Instructions.
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