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Violet Luna Moon Deluxe Edition Rare Deck

Violet Luna Moon Deluxe Edition Rare Deck

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Violet Luna Moon is the last edition of the four series. It is said that the romance of men exists in the vast universe. This time, our journey is the starry sky. In the stillness of the night, when you look up at the starry sky, you will find that countless stars illuminate the entire galaxy. Only at this time will we realize that human beings are so small. Although the stars are not as dazzling as the sun and the moon, they symbolize the most precious qualities of mankind: loyalty and firmness.

In the dark night sky, the nebulous nebula is floating, rendering the silence and the mysterious planets that have not yet been discovered. On the back of the card, there are stars shining below the moon, with the background of the deep and mysterious space. In the context of such repressed chaos, it is the starlight that guides us forward in the right direction.

The Ace of Spade are based on ancient astrological mysteries. Whether it is the modern scientific calculation of the universe or the ancient people’s hypothesis of astronomy, the stars play a vital role in it. And this card shows the essence of the two. The pattern here is the star cluster totem depicted by the ancient human sacrifice divination. For the ancients, the mystery hidden in the stars can reveal the future, so we also hope to give everyone a bright future through this card.

Printed by United States Card Company using their legendary Air Cushion Finish. The Limited edition Luxury Deluxe (fan-shaped box) Deck.
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