The Utility Switch Envelopes

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Utility envelope switches for the working Mentalist.
If you are searching for the simple & organic looking prop to switch folded paper or card, this is the one easy and perfect tool.

Effect: Magician shows a deck of a playing card and asks the spectator to shuffle and select any one card randomly and keep it on the table without seeing a face, now he shows one simple paper envelope and slid the selected card inside. The magician now shows one paper having a prediction. And ask the spectator to hold it.

When both envelope and prediction is open audience will find exact same card suit and number written on prediction paper.

Another Effect: magician borrows anyone (say 100 Rupee) currency bill and asks the spectator to push inside envelope and keep it on the table. Now magician writes one number on board. After writing number he takes out the same currency bill from the envelope and read the number on the bill. It found the exact same which is written on board.

This is just one of the countless ways to use this envelope. Countless possibilities, limited only by your imagination

Comes 10 Envelopes in one pack with basic Instruction sheet.

Note: Envelopes can be reuse use again and again if not stick.