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The Sixth Finger

The Sixth Finger

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Every magician should have one!

- Terrific production of silk from bare hands held in natural position
- Many other effects possible with this exact copy of a human finger
- Defies detection!
- Semi flexible and unbreakable
- Can be molded to the individual hand
- Large load capacity
- Fits between fingers perfectly
- Invisible when worn on little finger

Get one for each hand for double production. There are literally hundreds of routines possible with this clever device

This little accessory is a must for any magician. Used for changing, vanishing, appearing, bills, coins, silks & much more

If you want to do magic like David Blaine, Criss Angel, David Copperfield. Then this is the trick for you. This will blow your audience away

It may not make you a Houdini, but you can perform this illusion in almost any setting

Parlor, close up or even walk around for the strolling or street magician.

Comes one sixth Finger in packet. without Instruction sheet.

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