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The Long and Short of It

The Long and Short of It

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THE LONG & SHORT OF IT is a magical explosion of the classic boomerang illusion, a complete performance piece packed with amazement and amusement, suitable for all ages. Laughs and gasps combine as pieces of wood appear to change size in ever more intriguing colorful combinations.

It contains four bright-colored made of plastic plates. The theme of the routine can be tailored to one's audience:
- A demonstration of audience hypnosis
- A reenactment of the time you taught kindergartners
- A look at poor quality control
- The reason you failed geometry
- The miracle of "adjustable plates"
- The power of suggestion
- What happened when you tried to assemble that thing from IKEA
Or even...
- The techniques behind Classical Architecture (Regal's routine)

THE LONG & SHORT OF IT adds elements to the classic prop that are doorways to comic opportunity and magical mayhem. It's three minutes of fun, overflowing with moments of astonishment - that's THE LONG & SHORT OF IT.

These plates are made of Acrylic Plastic, Comes with video instructions.
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