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The King of Magic

The King of Magic

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Effect : The performer displays an envelope which he says contains the Four Kings. The spectator is asked to choose any three of these kings, leaving the last one as the performer's choice. The spectator freely names any three of the Kings. There is no force of any kind, and the spectator's choice would be different for every show.

The three kings selected are now pulled out off the envelope, and placed face up on the table. The envelope with the last king left for the performer is handed over to the spectator. He pulls out the card and finds it to contain a picture of the performer with the legend "The King Of Magic".

Although the basic effect is similar to tricks like "Parade Of Kings" or "Dream Queen" this one is a step ahead, in that the entire face of all the cards used are on display, and the final selection is truly unique, and incorporates a plug for you, the performer.

No Forces. No Switches. No sleights. Only 4 cards are used. The chosen King will be different for every performance. We recommend this very highly - it is a very strong packet trick, at a very affordable price. Complete with all the specially printed cards, and photo illustrated routine.
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