The Impossible Tear

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This gimmick is one of the perfect props which you can visually and practically add to your Hypnosis routine without almost any scripts or practice. By using the Impossible tear gimmick you can instantly prove you are a perfect hypnotist and you have some special powers to control spectator's minds. This notepad is a set of special polar papers which the audience cant tear by using their maximum power. The hypnotist or mentalist can drive them when they can tear the paper.

Effect: On the hypnosis routine first you introduce a sheet of small size paper from your pocket notepad. You tear it into two pieces and give one piece to your spectator and ask them to tear into two more pieces, that your spectator can do simply. Then working on your hypnosis script and say that you are completely strong and I'm gonna make you weak in a moment. Ask them to close your eyes and say “imagine you are getting weaker and weaker, almost all of your energy getting draining”. Then ask them to open your eyes and try to tear the sheet of paper that they simply tore before….They cant…..By using any amount of energy they cant tear a single piece.

Recommend this gimmick to use in between your 4 phase hypnosis routine that makes it more convincing to your audience.

This is the Pocket size version of The Impossible Tear or TIT, Which contains 60 unbreakable sheets of polar papers that you can perform in close or in stage routine of hypnosis.

This is from my practical and reportorial effect from the daily shows…Designed each and every corner as much comfortable for working mentalists that you can customize with your own ideas and designs.

- 60 unbreakable special sheets
- Perfect for Hypnotist and Hypnosis routines
- 100% Tested on number of stages and daily shows
- Customize with your own ideas and manners
- Low cost and Practical