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The Impossible Case

The Impossible Case

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Pluck a golf ball out of an impossibly small case.

The magician shows the spectators a tiny briefcase. He puts it down on the table, opens it up, and produces a full size real golf ball from it. The golf ball is much bigger than the brief case, and it seems impossible that such a large ball could be produced from such a thin case.

This is a lovely little close-up trick that is very easy to perform. It comes with simple printed instructions and whilst it works brilliantly with a golf ball it is really only limited by your imagination and the size of the briefcase.

The ball can be thrown out to the audience but the briefcase cannot be examined afterwards. With such a visual trick I have never found this to be a problem, just work it into your routine and let the spectacle talk for itself! It never fails to raise a smile whether you are on the golf course or using it as part of a non-golf related routine.

The plexiglass briefcase measures 10 cm long x 3 high and 7 cm wide.

Only the briefcase is supplied. You can produce various objects from it as long as they are the correct size to work with the case.

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