Stiff Rope WHITE

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The impossible made possible, seeing is believing!

The magician displays a piece of rope about 30” long coiled over his hand.

EFFECT: You show a coiled rope. Uncoil the rope and hold it stretched between your hands. Release one hand and the rope falls and hangs limp. Take the loose end back in your hand stretching the rope out. Say a magical word or phrase and the rope becomes stiff. With one hand, you grasp the center of the rope. Release the end and the rope remains rigid. Finally, say another magical word or phrase and the rope instantly becomes limp again.

This can be an excellent comedy prop or a serious prop depending on the presentation. A magician is able to make an ordinary looking rope become limp or stiff at his command. This can be repeated any number of times and can be performed surrounded. An excellent multipurpose prop. The rope is 30" long. Comes with instructions.