Stiff Rope - Multicolored

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Go PRO! Make a great trick even better!
The Stiff Rope is made for YOU- the serious magician who loves the Stiff Rope effect but would appreciate a more vibrant and smoother working piece of magical equipment.

The Stiff Rope stands straighter and is a bit more forgiving in terms of how you have to hold it than the regular Stiff Rope.

And what a great effect!

Hold this length of rope in the middle. The rope hangs limp- until with a simple twist of your wrist, you make the rope stand straight out and stiff! Then, at your command and under your complete control- the rope goes limp again! This startling effect can be repeated immediately, can be done surrounded and can be performed right under the noses of the spectators.

The Stiff Rope is about 3.5 feet long, made of soft Multicolored woolen rope covering a flexible spine.

Multicolored Rope comes with Instruction sheet.

Note: This rope has small knots over the Joints please check Photo.