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Spike Through Tongue Gimmick

Spike Through Tongue Gimmick

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Now you can perform the same effect done by Indian mystics! This GORY effect will make your audience think you really impaled your tongue with a steel spike!

Indian mystics display their powers by piercing their body with sharp objects. The area doesn't bleed. NOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO with our SAFE Spike Thru Tongue.

A large 12" solid steel spike is displayed. Sticking out your tongue fully, you take the spike & VISUALLY PIERCE YOUR TONGUE, clearly showing the spike going through the very center!

To add a real touch of DRAMA, toss a piece of fruit in the air and catch it so it becomes IMPALED on the point! The audience will grimace because they know you're next! Peaches, plums & oranges work well.

When you reverse the process they will see your tongue is void of a hole. Are you a mystic too?
- ONLY ONE SPIKE IS USED. It is one solid piece and does not come apart!
- NO False tongues. The tongue they see is YOUR tongue that you can wiggle and shake.
- Nothing added or taken away.
- Very easy to do.

This is similar to the Nail Through Finger gag, but used as an authentic mystic feat by Indian magicians and tantriks. Convincingly presented, it has a very strong impact on the audience. Because of the nature of this effect it is recommended that you use some discretion regarding the audience this is performed for. It is most certainly not an item to be performed where kids with impressionable minds are present. Supplied with stainless steel rust proof spike and instructions.
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