Fake Cockroach - Set of 2

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Fake Cockroaches can be used in different ways while performing.

Most people I know, myself included freak out when they see Cockroach so you can pretty much guarantee a reaction to this trick. Use it as a prank to scare girls or kids. Use it with blank cards and turn Cockroach to a real one.

The look and feel so real. It can also be used with the “Magic Spider” Mobile App.

NOTE: This is the accessory only not with the Magic Spider App. The app must be purchased separately through the App Store or Google Play.

Comes set of 2 plastic Cockroach brown colored without any instruction sheet.

Best for kids to play or prank anywhere like:
- Costume party
- Birthday party
- Family Reunion
- Wedding
- Christmas
- Halloween party
- Surprise party