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Set of 10 Snowstorm Snowflakes (Multi-Colored)

Set of 10 Snowstorm Snowflakes (Multi-Colored)

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Perfect for your "Snow Storm in China" routine with new colorful touch.

The 'Snow Storm In China' is one of the most visually appealing of magic effects. Now made in a superior fine tissue model, that gives you twice as many flakes in each tablet, and the finer paper makes the flakes float down slowly like real snowflakes.

This is the best illusion that packs very small, yet large enough to fill the stage. Tissue paper is torn to sheds & emerged in water. You fish out the soggy paper & squeeze out any excess liquid. Using a folding fan you wave over your hand & the paper turns into a "storm" filling the entire area!

This is Ultimate Snow Storm Now available in Multicolor pack. Package includes one dozen gimmicks & routine for the Classic Rendition. Each gimmick contains a large number of flakes (twice as many as the competition. Great for use in with Throw Coils (streamers).

- Great for snow storm effect finally!
- Great for kids and adults shows!
- Detailed Instruction Including how to create paper flower.

Trick Contains : 10 Load packets & printed Instruction sheet.

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