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Sealed Mirror Glass Gimmick

Sealed Mirror Glass Gimmick

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Change the color of a silk in the blink of an eye! Change milk to a white silk! Make a silk appear or vanish! Change one sponge ball to a pile of sponge balls!

Presto Change-o!

This one happens so FAST! Show an empty crystal glass. Cover it for an instant- and a silk appears inside the glass! Yes, that's all there is to it- if you can hold the glass in your hand, you can do the trick!

Try the trick using liquid. Your choice- start with an empty glass, and in a flash, show the glass filled with liquid. Liquid that you can freely pour out!

Quality manufactured from a plastic crystal style glass. The intricate crystal cut design makes this a very deceptive mirror glass.

Performance Ideas:
You can use the Mirror Glass to produce a silk, some confetti, or even a pile of candy to give out to your spectators.

Make this part of a whole routine. First, make the liquid appear with the Mirror Glass. Then make the liquid multiply by using either the Lota Bowl, Multum In Parvo or the Hindu Water Vases. Finally, you can make the liquid vanish with the Milk Pitcher.

Trick Contains: One Mirror Glass and printed instructions.

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