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Fake Tongue

Fake Tongue

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MilesMagic Magician's Fake Tongue for Magic Tricks

Now with MORE elasticity! 

This specially designed tongue looks incredibly realistic!

The tongue looks like real, made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material, safe to put in your mouth. It stretches, twists, sticks and can be pierced. See the audience are frightened expression. No matter you pull it out longer, or pierce it with a needle, it can restore to the profile that it used to be. Performances effect was excellent, easy to learn, easy to master skills. Magic is very scary entertainment playing a trick, a means of playing human, hurry to try it.

Perform as comedy, bizarre, dangerous, or just to gross out your friends.

You can:
- Pull it (7~9 inches long)!
- Stretch it (4~6 inches wide)!
- Twist it
- Pierce it!
- Smash it!
- The possibilities are endless!

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