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Ring and Rope

Ring and Rope

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This is the perfect Set for all ring and rope routines out there.

Ring & Rope magic is a favorite trick of professional magicians for over 100 years

The basic idea is that you can make a solid metal ring string itself on a rope- or make it escape from the rope- by seemingly making the rope pass right through the ring.

Depending on how long you want your routine to be, there are so many variations of what can happen!

Loop the rope through the ring- BAM!
The ring has freed itself!

Hold the rope in a loose loop, pass the ring over it- POW!
The rope is now inside the ring.

Spin the ring, drop the rope on top of it, and ZING!
The ring is now on the rope.

Let the ring hang from a loop in the rope, touch the ring, and ZOWIE!
The ring falls to the floor!

The Ring On Rope uses a method that is so simple, if you can hold the rope in your fingers, you can do the trick!

This Ring is made of a high-quality stainless steel rod, looks great on stage. plus the rope we supplied is very soft perfect to slid ring on a rope.

This set comes with 40 min training video that covers a complete ring & rope Routine.

Note: the video is in Chinese with an English subtitle.
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