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Recovery by Tobias Ismaier

Recovery by Tobias Ismaier

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Recovery by Tobias Ismaier - Magic Trick

Recovery is the easiest and most practical (yet very deceptive!) piece-by-piece Torn and Restored Card Routine you will come across.

A card is signed on both sides - it's signed on the face by the spectator and on the back by the performer.
Then it is clearly ripped into four separate pieces - the spectators can see and hear their signed card being torn.

Now you magically restore their signed card piece by piece. The best part: You can restore the last, signed piece in the spectator's own hand and you end completely clean!

Recovery is designed with the worker in mind: It is angle proof, very clean, engaging, and it resets instantly.

Key facts:
- No gimmicks
- Very practical and flexible routine
- Instant reset
- Restore the final piece in the spectator's hand
- Multiple handlings taught
- Hand out the signed card as a souvenir

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