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Quick Peek Envelopes

Quick Peek Envelopes

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This is one of the most useful Utility Device in mentalism, with this you can do many effects like mind reading, prediction, drawing duplication, etc.

There are many peek devices available like wallets, envelopes, boxes, electronic devices. but this is the most commonly used and organic looking device. 

you asked the spectator to write a name/number or even to draw a picture on a small piece of paper, then show the small pocket size envelope even from inside and slid that paper down inside envelope without looking at it. later you can put an envelope on the table or wallet or in any book around you. 

That's it, it's done now you know what is written on paper. you can revel it in your classic reveling method, you can act like mind reading or do the duplication effect. it’s on you. 

Use it in various different ways. This is the one you need, to Perform mind-reading.

Comes in a set of 10 Envelops with basic working instruction sheet.

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