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Prediction Fork

Prediction Fork

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There are 100’s of ways to revel, spectators choice, but I can bet you never saw anything like you

These forks are painstakingly handcrafted by heating the forks until they are red hot, then shaping them. They then get cleaned in acid and then polished up to bring them back to a natural shine.

If you perform any metal bending effect, these forks will make an excellent addition to your routine. For example, after performing Liquid Metal, you could switch the forks, (easily done by attaching a magnet to your belt or jacket to hold the forks), then either hide the prediction in your hand or even better, place it in the spectator's inner jacket pocket as a 'souvenir'. You can then force a card and later ask the spectator to check on the fork in their pocket.

There is also great potential with these for card stab routines where you show a regular fork, then switch for the Forking Good fork. After stabbing the deck, when you pull the fork out from the deck, it's now in the shape of their card. We haven't worked out any exact routines yet, but the potential of these is only limited by your own imagination!

Comes set of Spoon ( gimmicked and un-gimmicked) & instruction.

Note – spoon handle may vary from the Product Photo as per the availability.
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