Orbit V4 BLACK Deck

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The Orbit Deck V4: Fourth Edition Playing Cards

The Fourth Edition Orbit deck is setting all new standards and going places the Orbit brand has never gone before. The borders were made a bit thinner than before to ensure the white shuttle line was noticeable in the spread. The black and white combo makes this deck a visual treat that will be hard to top. This deck just like the other Orbits feature the same duplicate jokers, double backer, and a duplicate 8 of spades. Don’t think I forgot about the one way design. It’s there, even harder to find than before in my opinion.

Printed on crushed Premium (Bee Stock).

The only problem with crushed classic stock (Bicycle Stock) is that they don’t last as long unless you take great care of your cards. Crushed Premium lasts for a very very long time regardless of how rough you are. These cards were meant to go the distance and maintain their integrity longer than the third edition Orbits. The fourths were created on the Web Press instead of the sheet fed press. The sheet fed press is for smaller runs of prints while the Web Press is usually for larger jobs.