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Octal Revelation

Octal Revelation

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Magician shows a folder, stating it is a prediction to be revealed later,and keeps it in front of the audience.

He then asks a spectator to take any one card from a pack of cards according to his will. He is asked not to show his card to the magician. Magician now says he is going to reveal the spectator’s chosen card. He takes the folder,opens it and shows the suit of the chosen card.The spectator agrees. Not only this, the magician goes further to show that the suit that he just showed has turned into the number of the chosen card.Spectator agrees again.

With a winning smile, the magician now surprises everyone when he says he is going to show which card the spectator has chosen. He pulls out the number from the folder to show that the number has changed in to a jumbo size version of the chosen card.
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