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Needle Through Balloon

Needle Through Balloon

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Defying the known laws of nature always makes for an interesting magical demonstration, and many magicians have perhaps performed the Needle Through Balloon effect, using a specially prepared balloon for the purpose.
A different method, using balloons and a long needle which can both be examined by the audience has been a very hot item, and we offer it to you at a very attractive price.

In effect performer displays a balloon and a large needle some 18″ long. A spectator may examine the balloon, and blow it up himself. The long needle with a ribbon threaded through it is passed completely through the balloon, which can then again be handed out for examination. Even when you do this, you will be surprised with the results.

We supply you the specially made 18″ long stainless steel needle and ribbon, a dozen special balloons that blow up to 12″ in diameter, and full instructions in a neat box. Each balloon can be used only once, but the impact on the audience is well worth the price of the full outfit. We recommend this very highly.

Needle Through Balloon comes to you complete ready to use gimmick with a dozen extra balloons.
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