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Mental Color Blocks - Acrylic Gimmick

Mental Color Blocks - Acrylic Gimmick

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A new and novel divination effect.

Performer shows 5 plastic (Acrylic) Domino like Blocks with different colored spots on them. He displays an opaque black bag, to entrap the block, hiding it completely.

A spectator is given the 5 blocks and the bag. He is asked to place any of the blocks in the bag, close the bag and hand it to the performer behind his back. The other four blocks are concealed by him.
The performer can immediately reveal the color of the block in the bag. He does not need to bring the bag in front, or peek at it in any way.

We supply you the five special blocks and the bag. The effect can be repeated as often as you like. The secret is very simple, but will not be obvious to the spectator with casual handling.

Well made props, and an effect you can carry in your pocket, ready to perform any time, any place.
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