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Mental Card Paddle

Mental Card Paddle

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Vanishes right before their eyes!!

They THINK of a card on the paddle- and it's gone in a BLINK!

Yes, it's that fast! And yes, it's easy to do!

Show your spectator this black paddle with the images of six different playing cards.
The same six images appear on the other side of the paddle, too.
Let your spectator mentally selects one of the cards- he doesn't need to say the name out loud, just THINK of it.
Now, with a shake of your hand, one of the cards VANISHES from the paddle!
There are only FIVE cards on the paddle now!
and which card has vanished?
You guessed it- your spectator's chosen card is GONE!

How did you do that??!!

Package includes about 6" long paddle & basic video instruction.
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