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Magic Money Pad

Magic Money Pad

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A very easy item where the magician shows a Pad of blank papers on both sides.
With a snap of his fingers, the pad appears full, printed with Rs. 100.00 Notes.

We supply the Pad ready to work. Hold the pad by the spine in your left hand. Flip through this with your thumb, riffling through the pages of the pad, and all the pages will appear blank. Turn the pad over, and riffle through the pages again, and show the pad blank on the opposite side.
Snap your fingers, then flip through the pad. The pad appears to be full of Rs. 100.00 Notes. Turn it over and again flip through it, to show the pad full of notes from both sides.

Very easy to do, well made on thick art paper to last long, and at a very low price, this makes a good item to carry in your pocket, or as a gift for any one interested in Magic.

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