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Light Up Thumb Tip YELLOW (Pack of 2)

Light Up Thumb Tip YELLOW (Pack of 2)

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2 x Light up thumbs (YELLOW)

Amaze your friends by casually passing the light from one hand to the other, through your body or any solid object. This is an easy magic trick to learn and pick up but it has a HUGE impact on your audience.

It is Similar to the famous D'Lite thumb tip magic trick (it its a thump tip with a light in it), but better value for money (and the D'Lite is a sealed unit inside. Better quality,higher value product, that does the same job.)

Pluck light from thin air, make the light change from hand to hand, seem to swallow the light and produce it from your ear, nose, pocket, sexy barmaids cleavage. You get the idea !!

Instant reset allows you to perform anytime, anywhere. The trick can be performed as soon as you receive it! Suitable for novices and experts. Every magician needs this trick in their magic kit.
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