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Kids Walkie Talkie

Kids Walkie Talkie

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This Walkie Talkie Toy is one of the best gifts for your kids. This is one of the good and best play times for kids. You need to press the button on the left side of the walkie talkie to speak or use the button on the right side to switch it on and off.

  • This is a walkie talkie set for kids with 2 player system. Talking distance up to 100 feet.extendable antenna (for Receiving Better Audio Signals and Less Disturbance during Transmission)
  • The handsets are made up of good quality plastic material that gives it a sturdy feel. The product is optimally sized to fit in children’s hands or pocket. This enables them to carry the toy to any holiday or vacation destination.
  • The talking distance range is more than 100 meters enabling kids to improvise there gameplay. Each handset has extendable antennas for receiving better quality audio signals.
  • While speaking, press left side button (which activates the transmitter) operate right side button to either switch on or switch off the unit. Adjustable volume level allows you to speak and hear at a comfortable volume levels.
  • There is a push-to-talk release button that is fun for kids to use as it resembles and works precisely like professional walkie-talkies. It enhances your child's sensory, cognitive ability to understand a variety of telecom device functions and improve their listening and speaking skills.
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