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Jump Card Trick

Jump Card Trick

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MilesMagic Magician's Jump Card Gimmick | Magic Trick

Beautifully simple. Insanely visual. Extremely powerful. "Jump" is another gem for visual magic tricks section.

A card is selected and two well-separated holes are punched into it. You then borrow a key from a spectator (or use your own) and take out a small carabiner from your pocket.

This carabiner (with your key on it, or theirs!) is passed through the one of the holes in the card. With them watching closely, the carabiner with the key jumps to the other hole. It's an impossible visual that will leave their jaws on the ground. You can then take the carabiner out and hand them back their key.

- Easy to use
- Nothing fishy for the audience to see, even if they're looking extremely closely
- No wires or magnets

We supply you one card gimmick and a small carabiner hook, with teaching video, use your own deck of playing cards

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