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Jokers Joke Card Magic Trick

Jokers Joke Card Magic Trick

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The Classic Close up magic card trick.

Magicians show four jokers, each a different suit. Then he says all these jokers are excellent magicians. Magician count one by one joker all are face down, now magicians just say magical words and without turning or changing its position, magician count jokers again magically one of the jokers turn face down.

Then magician square pack again and count it again another suit joker face down now, as performer count the joker one after another suit turn down and shows blue back keeping rest three jokers face up. In the next phase, all blue back jokers now turn red back, and finally, each joker back becomes blank.

The card provided in this trick is regular bridge size playing cards (not bicycle).

Comes complete set of cards ready to work with Printed instruction sheet.
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