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Invisible Lock Box

Invisible Lock Box

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MilesMagic Magician’s Invisible Lock Box Gimmick - Magic Trick

You can open the box- but your spectators can't!

This is a precision-made wooden box, handcrafted and it has a very clever gimmick.

Show the box empty, borrow a coin or a small ring from your spectator. Place the item in the box. Close the box, and lock it with the key.
Now challenge your spectator try to open the box, you can even handover the key with the box, still, they are unable to open the box.

Now YOU are the only one who can open the box!

This is a great magic trick/puzzle, and really gets them going!

So how does it work?? It's easy- IF you know the secret!

This is a puzzle and a magic trick in single gimmick!! It is time to easily perform incredible puzzle tricks with skillful deception using magic for magicians professional pocket magic tricks that will amaze your friends and family. This impossible lock helps you to perform your magic tricks with confidence and conviction.

It comes with the special video tutorial.

Box Size – 12.5cm x 9.5cm x 5cm

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