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Instant Appearing Wand - Metal Cane

Instant Appearing Wand - Metal Cane

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Instant Appearing Wand - 96 cm (38 Inch) – Metal Cane

Imagine- you can produce a full size cane from "thin air". Just reach into the air and POP- there's a cane in your hand! Or you can change a silk to a cane. You can even use the Appearing Cane followed by the Vanishing Cane for a whole routine!

This is a professional high quality metal cane that will hold up to many years of use with proper handling. This cane is perfect for onstage use, and will travel nicely for repeated performances. However, because of the metal construction and sharp edges, caution is advised.

Completely made in steel. With Super Locking Mechanism. Silk is not included. No rusting, no oiling and cleaning, no mess, and no color fading. The deluxe prop you have always wanted is now available at a very affordable price, and you will be proud to show it off in your Act. The ideal model for the trendy performer, who prefers sequins to tailcoats for his attire.

Performance Ideas:
This cane is a perfect way to open your show. The startling and instant appearance of a cane says "I'm a magician"!

Use a 9" or 12" silk if you want to change a silk into a cane. Attach the silk to the clasp on the collapsed cane. You can hide the cane in your palm, with the silk draped between your thumb and first finger, so it looks like you are holding just a silk in your hand. When the cane is tripped, the cane will instantly expand and pull the silk inside, making it appear as if the silk has changed into a cane.
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