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Frostbite Deck

Frostbite Deck

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Frostbite Playing Cards a performance deck designed for the professional cardist practitioner.

"The Cardistry purists deck"


Frostbites pair a chill geometric abstract back design with custom minimalist faces. What started out two years ago as a one-way back design has transformed into a striking two-way design perfect for cardistry and magic. The blue and white colorway features triangular shapes and a simplified compass rose design on the back. On the front, you'll find striped pips and geometric court cards.

Frostbite Playing Cards combine a refreshing back design with simple and elegant custom faces. This deck is perfect for any cardists or card magicians. The complex back design and minimalist faces create a vibrant contrast for flourishing. The abstract design enhances cardistry performances by accentuating the flowing and contorting movements that make up cardistry.

The deck handles like a champ. Frostbites were printed by The Hanson Chien Production Company (HCPC) in Taiwan. Hanson has produced several amazing decks, including the Chicken Nuggets and Odyssey, both now considered some of the highest quality performance decks. The cards use a specialist German Koehler playing card stock coated with a special finish. They have the standard cut to maximize performance under the strictest quality controls ensuring durability and longevity.

The back design features a frosty blue and arctic white colorway, geometric shards, and a minimal compass rose in the center to highlight spinning and twirling motions. The Aces are simple and sleek. These minimalist Aces retain the simplistic nature of the cards and put a new twist on the traditional Ace design. The Royals are geometrically inspired and polished, continuing the minimalist theme among the faces. The Jokers as with recent trends in the performing deck world - Jokers are not really jokers at all! One card features the word "create" to inspire you. The second features my company logo and year of production.

The Tuck Box: Super high performance synthetic paper continues to carry out the frosty minimalist theme. With little text, the blue icy shards stand out. The "ice" surrounding the bottom of the box is a premium shiny/glossy touch, giving a look like it's just been plucked from the frosty tundra. Use of synthetic paper for the tuck box has huge advantages over standard tuck box designs, especially for performing artists on the road. The box is "tear resistant", meaning it is substantially more difficult to accidentally tear the tab or box in anyway! Synthetic paper makes the box water resistant, a bit of ice or water won't ruin the box, or the deck! The box is a thicker, sturdier material giving impressions of high a quality performance deck.
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