Flash Dice Prediction Trick

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Dice Prediction Box where you can predict
what numbers will be shaken on the dice.
Better than other routines since there are several dice and you can predict them all every time.
Also comes with a beautiful routine, a beautiful dice case and a nice item
to add to your magic collection.

The Magician shows 6 dice in a box and he names 6 different numbers that are not the order of the dice in the box after a quick shake of the box the dice all match the magicians predicted numbers.

The dice are placed on the table and a spectator picks one of them,the rest of the dice are placed into the box in a random order, The lid is replaced and the magician gives the box a quick shake and when the lid is removed all the dice match the spectators chosen dice number.

Six people are asked to pick a number between 1-6 the magician then places the dice into the box in a random order after a quick shake the box is opened and the six dice match all six spectators chosen numbers and in the exact order they picked them

Self-working and easy to do.